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About Ronalda

Ronalda's Bio:

Ronalda is a certified personal and executive life coach, international speaker, and author specializing in helping women build resilience.


As CEO of Dream Differently®, Ronalda helps women build resilience so that they can navigate disruption and disappointment with grounded joy. Her signature program, Resilience 101: The Formula for Women to Thrive Through Challenges provides her clients with tools to help them reset, release, and reimagine their lives.  Her program also helps clients find their voice and discover their confidence, so life can be better than they could have imagined. 


Divorced after 22 years and a mom of two daughters and a son with a disability, Ronalda understands the art of reimagining, especially when the life you once imagined turns out completely different than the life you now have.  Her services are designed to support clients as they refocus their efforts so they can navigate through change with faith and fortitude – the foundation of resilience.

Recognized for her dedication and service to the Special Needs Community, Ronalda is a proud recipient of the Paige Award for Business presented by The You Belong Foundation, Inc. This Illinois-based independent non-profit foundation provides services for the special needs community.


Ronalda’s philosophy: Resilience is the key to reimagine your life and “Dream Differently!”

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Tomorrow will be better than yesterday when you learn to Dream Differently® .

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