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Power Session

A 60-minute session to help you get clarity, tools and the mindset to instantly start dreaming differently.

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1 to 1 Coaching

Does your life look differently than you imagined?  Maybe you are unable to choose faith in yourself over fear of the unknown.  Transformation is about the freedom to let go of who you are and create the life you want while becoming who you want to be.  Reimagine your reality so that you can have your dream life.


Together, we create a safe space to explore your journey in life as you learn to Dream Differently®.  Tomorrow will be better than yesterday!


What people are saying about their Dream Differently®   experience.....

Thank you for your perspective on Dream Differently.  

As mothers we have dreams for our children.  We want our children to make the best choices, be kind and overall be a good human being.  When I went through Dream Differently it was such perfect timing for me.  My daughter had just found out she was pregnant for the second time.  She is a natural leader, excels in her career and she has been on a path to greater promotions.  I soon realized the Dream Differently perspective was speaking to me in the hopes and desires that I had placed in my mind for her life.  I felt in my spirit God was whispering to me to release the expectations that I have for her, but to allow his dreams/desires for her to override mine.  Talk about taking my breath away.  Learning to fully surrender your children I believe is something we have to revisit as life takes us by surprise sometimes.  We are surprised, but God is not.  God has already written my daughter's story and it is my role to embrace it and allow God to do the work for me to DREAM DIFFERENTLY!


-Christina Hernandez Jolly 

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