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By: Ronalda Sullivan

30-Day Dream Differently® Devotional/Journal

This 30-Day Devotional and Journal is
meant to be a journey of self-reflection through past and present life experiences, whether they were discouraging disruptions or manifested miracles.

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What does Dream Differently® mean?
Dream Differently® is defined as a total shift from a vision or plan that often results in outcomes better than we could have asked or imagined.


Why is it important to dream differently?

It is important to dream differently because we are challenged to embrace and surrender to life and God’s dream for us.

Total shifts to plans and visions have taken place throughout our lives, and we have all been challenged to reimagine our reality so that we can live our best life. I created this journal in hopes that while you are writing, you can reflect on how far you have come, rest in the present no matter where you are, and remind yourself of the importance of dreaming the very best future possible.

No matter where you are at this present moment in life, when you reimagine your reality, the best is yet to come.

The devotional prompts are meant to cause deep reflection of life experiences when you had to dream differently whether in the past, present or future. Take time to think about how life can be better if you imagine a different outcome.

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