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Motivational and Powerful Talks that Transform

Ronalda’s life-changing story is empowering and remembered well after she has left the stage.


Known for awakening audiences with her life experiences, Ronalda is an everyday woman who gives hope to those who want it all, but doubt the possibilities because life happened.  She invites listeners to think differently about their circumstances and embrace disappointment on their path to fulfilling destiny.



Signature Speaking Topics: 

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion / Comfort In Communication

  • Faith and Inspiration / Peace Is Priceless

  • Leadership Development / Daring Decision Makers

  • Purpose and Confidence / Reimagine Your Reality

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Tomorrow will be better than yesterday when you learn to Dream Differently® .



Ronalda's Bio:

Ronalda Sullivan is the founder and CEO of Dream Differently®.  As a certified personal and executive coach, speaker, and author, she helps clients reimagine their reality and create their dream life.  With more than 30 years of military and federal service experience as a leader, Ronalda thrives on improving people’s outlook on life. 


Her D.R.E.A.M. formula encourages clients to embrace their ability to dream differently.  As a mom of three, Ronalda especially understands challenges parents face when the life they now have is completely different than the life they dreamed.  This led her to create her company Dream Differently® where she helps clients explore and address a rollercoaster of emotions with the goal of recalibrating their mindset toward peace. 


Ronalda’s life has been a series of indescribable experiences such as living and working in countries like England, Turkey, and the Netherlands where she polished her abilities to inspire, motivate, and encourage.  With the Dream Differently® experience, she helps clients learn to laugh, learn to cry, and experience outcomes better than they could have imagined.


Ronalda’s motto:  Tomorrow will be better than yesterday when you learn to Dream Differently®. 

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Types of Presentations Ronalda offers:


Workshops & Training 

Press & Media Interviews 

Speaking Request

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