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Building Resiliency through the Art of Reimagination: Ronalda’s message to Dream Differently

Dream Differently: A drastic change to a plan or vision that results in outcomes better than you could have asked or imagined. 


As a life coach, Ronalda specializes in helping women build resiliency. She ignites her audiences with a bold message to reimagine your right now even while navigating life. Whether at a crossroad or on a journey to reconnect with who you are, Ronalda gives audiences permission to be someone they’ve always wanted to be.

Dare your audience to Dream Differently!

Signature Speaking Topics: 

  • Building Resilience Through the Art of Reimagination

  • Faith and Inspiration / Peace Is Priceless

  • Leadership Development / Daring Decision Makers

  • Purpose and Confidence / Reimagine Your Right Now

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